Purafilter 2000 provides the highest standards in home health and environmental consumer products.

The Blue Series is our MERV 8 one-inch pleated residential air filter. The Blue Series lasts three months and helps your air conditioning system perform at an optimum level. This puts less strain on your system and can result in long-term energy savings. With its wedge designed pleats and expanded metal reinforcement, the industrial-strength Blue Series filter is built to last.

Blue Series Highlights:
  • The Blue Series contains one pleat per inch of filter, matching or outperforming any other air filter.
  • Both our Blue and Gold Series filters are fashioned from industrial-strength, two-piece bonded die-cut construction.

The Gold Series is the apex of high efficiency pleated residential air filters. The Gold Series achieves MERV 11 performance, lasts three months and works more efficiently to trap more dust particles than other standard air filters. It contains up to 25% more filter media than any other standard MERV 11 one-inch. And with its industrial-strength construction, the Gold Series is the most durable filter available.

Gold Series Highlights:
  • The Gold Series contains up to 25% more filter media than other standard MERV 11 one-inch residential pleated air filters.

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Platinum Series Highlights:
  • The Platinum Series will capture most smog, industrial pollutants and smoke particles.

The Purafilter 2000 family of home health and environment products has everything you need for a clean home environment.

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